CES provides telecommunication network consulting and 

assessments for innovative new product design and development. We deliver expert consulting by identifying stakeholder needs, governance and operation analysis, site reviews, equipment inventory reviews, and requirements gap analysis to determine product feasibility and a roadmap to success.

CES provides VOICE / DATA / VIDEO network designs for a variety of  wireless and fiber optic wire based topologies and architectures. 

Our project management and deployment services include cost, time, risk, and scheduling factors.  

CES provides network planning, requirement definition, need assessments, feasibility evaluation, project and operational budget reviews, conceptual design, final specifications, procurement assistance, strategic network modeling, deployment and performance cutover support.   

Ces Network Services provides FIBER OPTIC / WIRELESS / RF Telecommunication Network Consulting.   We provide technical planning, requirement definition, procurement and implementation support for broadband and land mobile radio (LMR) inside building and outside applications. 

we also provide expert services for layer 2 and 3 switching network deployments.  wE are a first net team particiant 



- IT & Telecommunication System Assessments

- Site / Equipment Inventory Analysis

- RF Propagation / Coverage Development

- Network Planning  and Specifications Consulting 

- LAN / WAN Network Design (Topology & Architecture)

- Land Mobile Radio (LMR) Development and Review

- Indoor and Outdoor DAS Implementation Design

- Project Budget Evaluation Assistance

- Licensed & Unlicensed RAN Development

- FCC / FAA Form Completion Frequency Review

- Drive Testing For RF Coverage

- Project Management and Documentation

- Implementation and Operational Plan Development

- Design Validations / Network Staging Plans

- Network Migration Plans

- CCTV, Computer and Audio System Development

- Cellular, Microwave & Satellite Networks

- UHF/VHF Radio Rebanding & Configuration

- Network Capacity and Traffic Evaluations

- GIS Applications and Network Mapping

- Feasibility Analysis and Funding Strategy Development  

- Business and Financial Feasibility Evaluations

- Grant Support / Staff Development Plans

- Network Commissioning Services

- Vendor Equipment Analysis and Negotiation Assistance

- RF Studies (RFI, EMI, Channel Availability)

- Layer 2 and 3 Switching Broadband Designs & Reviews

- Broadband RAN Network Implementation

- Quality Control and Assurance Network Testing Support

- Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) Design

- Fiber Optic and Copper Routing Analysis & Design

- Network Installation and Cutover Oversight

- Wi-Fi and Wi-Max Network Design & Feasibility Analysis 

Technology Expertise




Design & Project Management

CES Network Services provides telecommunication network consulting for private industry and federal, state and local governments.

rf & fiber optic NETWORK planning

CES provides expertise in a wide variety of IT and communication technologies, topologies, architectures, strategies and applications, including emerging  wireless and wire-based technologies.

rf & it NETWORK



Since 1988, CES has consulted over 1,000 worldwide public and private sector enterprises for IT and Telecommunication VOICE / DATA / VIDEO network assessments, conceptual design, specifications, project and program management, procurement assistance, funding, grant writing, and operational analysis. 

CES combines technical and management consulting expertise to offer a comprehensive, timely and high quality services to our clients. We were awarded the prestigious “Excellence In Telecommunication” Award by Verizon Wireless.

CES is certified by the U.S. Small Business Administration as a Veteran and Minority Owned Small Business Enterprise. CES provides goods and services in accordance with the U.S. Small Business Administration approved work categories for the NAICS and UNSPSC codes. 

Our primary UNSPSC code is 81161700 (Telecommunication Services). Our secondary UNSPSC code is 81110000 (Computer / Management Services).