Public Safety                                                           Commercial Carriers                         

Indiana State Police                                                  MCI

Cameron County Sheriff Texas                                TelMex

Texas Dept. of Public Safety.                                   T-Mobile

US Homeland Security                                             AT&T

Indiana Toll Authority                                                Verizon

New York State Toll Authority                                   Arch Communications

North Texas Toll Authority                                        Sprint

Geauga County Sheriff, Ohio

Collin County Sheriff, Tx

Media County Sheriff, Ohio 

City of McKinney Police, Tx                                      Enterprise

                                                                                  Greyhound Bus   

Federal Government                                               AECOM

US Forest Service                                                     Kimley Horn

US Dept. of Energy                                                   Parson Transportation Group

US Army                                                                   SAIC

Homeland Security                                                   Carlson Radio

US Dept.. of Transportation                                      Countywide Bank

                                                                                  Bank of America

State Government                                                   Harris

State of Indiana                                                         Proxim Wireless

State of Texas                                                           Cisco Systems

State of Alaska                                                          HP 


Local Government                                                  Booz Allan Hamilton

City of Kissimmee, Fl                                                HDR

Metro Houston, Tx                                                    Alcatel System

Dallas Area Rapid Transit, Tx                                   Spectradyne

DFW Airport                                                              Motorola

City of Atlanta, GA                                                    James Martin & Assoc

City of South Padre Island, Tx                                  Electronic Data System (EDS)

St. Joseph County, Mn                                             RCC Consultants

City of Dallas, Tx                                                      Black Box

City Houston.Tx                                                        Brown & Roots

City of Amarillo, Tx                                                    LCC Consultants

City of Ft. Worth, Tx                                                  Ross and Barazini

City of Denton, Tx                                                     Jacobs Engineering 

Denton County, Tx                                                    Swagger Tower

El Paso County, Tx                                                   American Tower

City of San Angelo, Tx                                              ADT

City of Plano, Tx                                                       911 Video

City of Richardson, Tx                                              Florida Traffic Devices

City of Hurst, Tx                                                        EF Johnson / Kenwood

College Station, Tx                                                   NEC

City of Austin, Tx                                                      Black & Veatch

City of Grand Prarie,Tx                                            Henkels & McCoy

City of Carrollton, Tx                                                Atkins Engineering

City of Missoula, Mt.                                                Xerox 

City of Indianapolis, In                                             Southwest Airlines

City of Las Vegas, Nv                                              Arinc

City of Lubbock, Tx

City of Port Isabel, Tx

International                                                           Hospitals

CedeTel SA de CV, Mexico                                     William Beaumont Army Hospital, Tx

Millicon International Ltd, Mexico                             Ft. Bliss Clinic, Tx

TelMex SA de CV, Mexico                                       Ft. Francis Hospital, Ok

Pemex SA de CV, Mexico                                       White Sands Missile Range Clinic, Tx

Xenal Industries, Saudi Arabia                                Bradley Annex Hospital, Tx

Exxon/ Mobli, Nigeria Africa

DACOM, Korea

Go to Tel, Jamaica                                                  Transportation (Agencies, Airports)

NEC, Japan                                                             Houston Metro

Huawei, China                                                         Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART) 

Sub 10 Ltd, England                                                Dallas Area Rapid Transit (DART)

                                                                                Texas Department of Transportation


Utilities                                                                   Dallas International Airport

PSI Energy, Oh                                                       Atlanta International Airport

Brazos Electric, Tx                                                  Denver International (Staples) Airport

CoServe Electric, Tx                                               US Dept. of Transportation  (Federal Highway Turner-Fairibanks Labs

Aurora Natural Gas, Tx

Education (Public and Private)

Port Isabel ISD, Tx

Socorro, ISD, Tx

Tarleton State University, Tx

Texas Tech University, Tx

Angelo State University, Tx