Design / Planning

- Project Initiation / Need Assessment / Stakeholder Meetings

- Wireless or Wire based Infrastructure Review

- FCC 601 and FAA  Form Completion

- RF Propagation Analysis / RF Coverage Contour and Budget

- RFI / EMI and IM Analysis

- Topology & Architecture Evaluation

- Asset & Site Inventory

- System Operation Verification / Site Review / Asset Audit

- Tower Mapping and Loading Analysis

- UPS and HVAC Loading Computations

- Colocation Evaluation

- Plans, Budgets, Drawings and Specifications 

- Procurement Assistance, Vendor and Equipment Selection

Switching Systems

- Bandwidth Review / IP Configuration

- Switching Cable and Routing

- Layer 2 & 3 Switch, Firewall and Router Design

Fiber Optic Communications

- Right of Way Studies

- Single Mode and Multimode Determination

- Fiber Topology and Architecture Review

- Route and Node Site Studies

- Aerial & Underground System Design

- Power and Electrical Budget Loss  Analysis

- GIS System Overlay Mapping / Arch Info Applications

Wireless Communications (Point to Multi Point - All Bands)

- RF Coverage Contours and Signal Strength Mapping

- Land Mobile Radio (LMR) - Public Safety & Private Enterprise

- Indoor and Outdoor DAS / Leaky Cable Systems

- Wi-Fi (802.11a,b,g,n,an) and WiMAX (802.16)

- Cellular and LTE systems

- Mobile Data Terminals

Satellite Communications

- RF and Signal Strength Budget Analysis

- C, Ku, Ka VSAT Fixed and Transportable Networks

- LEOs (Low Earth Orbit Systems)

- TVRO networks


- AM, Radio / AM Notification of Adjacent Licensees' Transmissions 

- Low Power FM Radio

- Low Power Television

Terrestrial Communications (Point to Point- All Bands)

- Microwave Radio Digital Terrain Studies

- FCC and NTIA Frequency Band Selection and Evaluation Review

- Laser, 60 and 80m Paths Evaluation and Government Form Review

- Line of Sight (LoS) Path Survey Analysis

Intelligent Transportation Systems

- Dynamic Messaging Signs

- CCTV Video Detection and License Plate Readers

- Analog / Digital IP Camera Design

- Red Light Cameras

- Highway Advisory Radio System (HARS)

- Road Weather Information System (RWIS)

- Wireless and Wire based  HAZMAT Sensor Detectors

Radio-Frequency Identification (RFID) Networks
- Radio transmitter-receivers
- Track and manage inventory
- Access control and security


Strategic Management and Operation Planning

- Economic Analysis of Strategic Partnerships

- Public / Private Partnership Evaluations

- Network Strategy and Business Plan Development

- Operational Network Review & Audit

- Master IT or Telecommunication Plans

- Tradeoff Analysis for IT or Telecommunication Network Solutions

- Demand Forecasting / Capital Budget Establishment

- Network Security and Disaster Recovery Plans

- Network Feasibility Studies 

- Network Return of Investment and Financial Analysis

- Procurement Assistance, Bid Strategies and Vendor Comparisons

- RFI / RFP Development & Consulting

- Document Imaging and Support

- Grant Writing and Specification Development

- Frequency Coordination with FCC and foreign PTTs

- Operating and Organizational Structure Analysis

Financial Analysis and Modeling

- Economic Feasibility Analysis

- Evaluation of Specific Markets

- Capital and Operational Budget Development

- Interconnection Strategy and Plans

- Network Cost Analysis for Current Operation, Maintainability,  Upgrades, and Extensibility

- Network Configuration and Build-out Strategy

- Optimal Routing Cost Analysis


CES is ready and available to provide the network services as described below for all your telecommunication needs.


IT and Telecommunication Strategy Master Plan
-Five and Ten year projections of: Usage, Growth , Bandwidth Requirement , Performance and Expansion, Market Segment and Population Studies.
- Emerging Technology Monitoring, Research & Recommendations
- Network Security Planning and Analysis
- Disaster Recovery and Business Resumption

Grant Assistance Support
Federal / State  pass thru identification and application assistance for:

- Port Security Grant Program (PSGP)
- Emergency Operation Center (EOC) Grant Program
- Federal Homeland Security Program (FHSP)
- Urban Area Security Initiative (UASI)
- Assistance to Firefighters Grant (AFG)
- Metro Medical Response System (MMRS)

Municipality and Government Consulting for Communication
- Perform Analysis for Planning and Zoning
- Evaluate Tower Location and Site Acquisition, including Co- location Opportunities & Requirement
- Prepare Policy and Codes
- Perform Feasibility  Analysis
- Identify and Propose Opportunity for Revenue - Business Plan
- Beautification including green construction standards and site aesthetics
- Network Interoperability
- Leveraging existing networks for cost sharing
- Consult, Upgrade and Reconfigure Networks
- Risk Management, Analysis and Mitigation Strategies

CES provides Project Management and System Cutover and Turnover Oversight.

CES uses an approach leveraging industry standards, as well as experience, to meet the overall goal of every project. A seasoned, expertteam will be tailored to deliver the solution and services. Our teams use professional facilitation (IAF) techniques, professional engineering (PE), Six Sigma and standard project management (PMI-PMP) approaches.

Our approach adheres to the IEEE standards and best practices for project management using the Project Management Institute (PMI), Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK).  In addition, we follow communication and engineering industry standards, guidelines and best practices for the following:

-Time / Risk / Security Assessment
- Schedule Control and Cost Estimations
- Goal Tracking
- Dispute Resolutions and Conflict Management


CES evaluates the entire IT and Telecommunication organizational structure, including current assets as well as current policy and procedures to provide a roadmap by contrasting the findings to the desired outcome.

Our Gap Analysis includes:

- Infrastructure Review / Need Assessment and Stakeholder Meetings

- Physical / Software Network Security System Review

- Technology Review (Hardware / Software)

- Compatibility Review

- Determination of Equipment and Software's "End of Life Cycle"

- Establishment of Hardware and Software's Latest Revisions

- Data Continuity Review

- Disaster Recovery Evaluation

- Business Continuity Analysis

- Topology & Architecture Evaluation

- Asset & Site Inventory

- System Operation Verification / Site Review / Asset Audit

- Tower Mapping and Loading Analysis

- UPS and HVAC Loading Computations

- Colocation Evaluation

- Plans, Budgets, Drawings and Specifications 

- Procurement Assistance, Vendor and Equipment Selection


CES provides a wide range of short, mid and long term technical and managerial consulting personnel on an outsourcing and staff augmentation basis.


CES offers expert witness testimony, research and analysis on a broad basis for civil litigation and business matters involving telecommunication technology's standards, products and services.

Service includes:

- Expert Testimony,Reports and Depositions

- Technology tutoring and Counseling for Attorneys and Court

- Calculation of Damages Analysis

- Discovery for Interrogatories, Depositions, Trials

- Product and Service Reviews